• Our mission is to bring Clean Energy Solutions to all walks of life through Design, Application and Education

  • Working with communities and organizations to support Emergency response is one of our top priorities

  • Entertainment & Business partnerships unable us to help create cottage industry & job opportunities Internationally

  • Clean Technology Education is a major part of what we do. Cutting edge designs help to create a strong future for the planet

  • Volunteer teams are dedicated to making dreams of a better tomorrow come true!

Power Of Green L.A. & Int.

Is a collective of organizations and individuals committed to creating Green & Sustainable approaches to Community Outreach, Employment Service, Intervention, Urban Renewal, as well as, Emergency Response. ALL inner city US! fast program start your own business or job NOW free 2 week program! EMAIL US NOW!

Green Art & Media

As the 1st Clean Energy Powered Media Organization Worldwide, we continue to run creative/media programs for Youth Groups, as well as, production of Audio, Visual and Live Creative using Solar & Wind Power. greenpantherx.com

Free Education

The organization is currently working with communities to fill the escalating necessity for Green Tech education. Our free "suitcase" Curriculum can be used by all Urban Community Organizations. CITY OF COMPTON has granted funds for a number of students to get free hands on training and be awarded free Solar Generator. CLICK HERE FOR ONLINE COURSES

Clean Energy Technology

Our Volunteer Engineers, Designers and Specialists remain on the cutting edge of the technology, consistently creating new growth in the field worldwide.

Emergency Response

Power of Green is also working to expand its GREEN PANTHERS  emergency response team within US urban areas with PAC RED and local City Emergency Management Departments with special attention to Renewable NRG solutions.

About Us

Due to the irrefutable negligence in the management of its natural resources, the earth is in a dire state. It is unfortunately the communities with the most limited financial access to this already vastly limited supply of resources, which are the most impacted by this strain. As a result, in the post-industrial era, sustainable development has evolved from being a progressive concept within the green movement to an irrefutable universal necessity and a necessary addition to Emergency Managment.--NEWS!! WE ARE OVERJOYED TO HAVE PARTNERED WITH THE CITY OF COMPTON to provide hands on Portable Solar Generator courses to local community members. The POWER OF GREEN COMPTON program will award the first 30 students with free small Solar Generators in their Emergency kit. HELP US DO MORE!

Power Of Green L.A.

Power of Green LA, a US subdivision of Power of Green International, supplies LA County with free Green curriculum for its schools, private education centers and non-profits along with providing free education on SUSTAINABLE AND NRG TECHNOLOGY and vocational training. With a central focus on inner city development, Power of Green is currently working in Leimert Park, a neighborhood in South Los Angeles, to apply its “village by village” methodology to the urban western world. As one of the first comprehensively planned communities in Southern California, Leimert Park was once recognized as a prototype for the “self-sufficient community” amongst urban planners. CITY OF COMPTON has granted funds for a number of students to get free hands on training and be awarded free Solar Generator. POWER OF GREEN COMPTON is a newly established program dedicated to empowering local community and providing solutions to Emergency Management and run in cooperation with Metro Community Developement Corp.

Some of the creative achievements, over the years, by the Green Panthers Youth Group are: 1st Solar Powered Music Video on the planet, 1st Solar Powered Major Media Award Show, 1st Solar Powered Hip Hop Radio Broadcast (and Internet), 1st Solar Powered Music Studio, 1st Solar Powered professionally released audio product. The HMMA Awards media was Solar Powered by us and aired on BETA TV to over 25+ Million viewers last year.


A boy must escape a world where the processed food is killing his neighborhood -- literally. SHARE to teach kids who is behind it, and how to escape.
visit http://SOSjuice.com/foodfight for School Curriculum + Song Download

Power Of Green L.A. Photo Album

Our United States program, based in L.A. is in partnership with many non-profit organizations and over the last few years it has been a joyful, exciting, sometimes difficult, but always rewarding experience to work with many others who care deeply about the Mankind and the Planet.

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News 2014

We are excited to be partnered/sponsored by City Of Compton , Metro Community Development Corp., Colored Solar, Power Of Green World & SOS Juice in Powering major events & projects to fund raise for US Inner City Green Programs implemented by our Youth Group, GREEN PANTHERS & Celebrity Musicians. We have done sponsorship/consulting role for Burning Man & Solar Decathlon, just to name a few! Green Panthers will be solar powering, performing & creating a host of shows & broadcasting in 2014 across the country to promote Sustainable Living & Green Technology. NEWS!!!!!! Green Panthers featured in the new movie: THE FUTURE OF ENERGY

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The Mission!

Its not going to happen overnight, but there are many people who are working around the clock to create solutions, provide information and work with communities improving our interaction with the Environment. Health is a very big issue, especially for Low/No Income Families and Individuals. Green & Health go hand in hand, whether providing places to grow urban farms or creating affordable energy for people to use in their lives. Join us in a greater vision for all!


Social Network

  • Thanks for all the support we have received and the amazing organizations and individuals we have worked with. We hope to continue to grow and expand as a group of sustainable beings. Right click to view links to sites below.

    Community Projects U.S.

    We provide turn key programs that can be used by Community Organizations across the United States free of charge. Anyone can offer Clean Tech vocational & job trianing, Schools Programs and more! www.greenpantherworld.org


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